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FNJ Banke Condemns Attack on Journalist


Lumbini, Banke, Nepalgunj

Banke,patrakarmaathi kutpit bhayeko bhandai mahasanghdwara dhyanakrshan. FNJ Banke has issued a statement on February 23 condemning the assault on Dinesh Thakur, 29, of Lokpriya Sandesh daily. Thakur was attacked by locals, Kallu Teli, 35, of Balegaon in Bhawaniyapur VDC-1 along with others on February 21 as he was heading home on ward number of the same VDC after work. The statement said that the assaulters also looted his cycle and camera around 11 pm accusing him of being a thief. Thakur sustained facial injuries for which he was treated at local pharmacy. FNJ has requested action against the accused Kallu Teli and initiation in return of the looted things. Thakur has filed an appeal at District Police Office on February 23 for checking of his injuries.


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