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Ratification of Rome Statute Urged


Lalitpur/February 13

Civil Society members have reiterated their request to the government on February 13 to ratification of the Rome Statute of the ICC. The request came at a national workshop organized on the occasion of release of the baseline survey conducted by INSEC and Advocates Sans Frontiers.


National Human Rights Commission spokesperson and its member Gauri Pradhan claimed that the Nepali Penal Laws would be of international standards if the ICC is ratified. Saying that the present impunity can be tackled with the help of Rome Statute, he recalled that NHRC had recommended the government to ratify the Treaty 10 years ago.


Saying that the delay was due to lack of understanding among the concerned stakeholders, Pradhan pointed out a need to provide thorough knowledge of the Treaty to political leaders, CA members CA.


Speaking at the same program, INSEC chairperson, Subodh Raj Pyakurel said the movement for ratification of ICC was older than International Criminal Court, he claimed probably the most discussed document was the Rome Statute of the ICC. Saying that end of impunity was the main challenge to eradicate discrimination, end of impunity culture,  and establishing rule of law. Chairperson Pyakurel added There were over 1,200 activities undertaken to make the government sign the Treaty.


"It was imperative to sign the Treaty means reaching to the most development", Pyakurel said.

At the same program, EU residency and Nepal based chief Alexander stressed on the importance of the signing of the treaty to be ratified by Nepal .


Samjha Shrestha of INSEC presented main findings of the survey on ICC through documents and a survey conducted among the people. She shared the conclusion that most of the respondents did not have clear idea of the Rome Statute, improving the legal capacity.


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