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Government to Build Houses for Gandharbas


Tanahun/February 13

The government has announced that it would be building houses for 10 families belonging to the Gandharba community and living in extreme poverty.


The Houses will be constructed by Urban Development and Construction Department Division Office, Gorkha.


According to Bijay Khanal of Division Office, the houses were being built under the People's Housing Program. The government had included a provision in the budget of the current fiscal year building houses for the Gandharva people in Tanahun and Chepangs in Gorkha.


A total of Rs 170,673 will be spent for a family. The water and sanitation part will be taken care of by DDC, Drinking Water and Hygiene Department while District Forest Office will provide subsidies in timber.


Statistics show that a total of 59 Gandharva families are residing the places like Byas Municipality , Bhanu, Bandipur, Chok Chisapani, Manpang, Dulegauda and Dorphidi.


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