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Conflict Victim Family Receives Death Threat


Lumbini, Arghakhanchi, Chhatradev

Conflict Victim Family Receives Death Threat

Argakhanchi/ November 19

A family of conflict victim has received death threat from an unidentified gang on November 18.


The gang barged into house of Radha Gyawali, 29 of Kerunga1 and threatened her that they will forced her husband Sudip, 33 to meet the fate his father, Radha said. Sudip's father Ram Mani was murdered by Maoist cadres on allegation that he had spied against the party on March 13, 2002. Ram Mani was leader of Nepali Congress. Radha said that her husband is chairperson of district chapter of the Conflict Victim's Foundation. 


Condemning and protesting the incident, NC district secretary, Bashu Dev Acharya, LPC coordinator Bishnu Miskan, Press Union, HR Alliance among others demanded that those issuing the threat identified and action taken against them. 


Stating that investigation of the incident is underway, District police said that hunt for those issuing the threat is underway.

Narayan Bhusal


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