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Govt's Decision to Withdraw Cases Promoting Impunity: Victims


Jumla/March 15

The victims have expressed concern over the government's decision to withdraw a murder case subjudice at the district court.


Saying that they were deprived of justice, plaintiffs Amrita Hamal, Janak Hamal and Rajesh Kumar Hamal of Chulelgaun in Dhapa9 said that the government decision had promoted impunity.


One of the victims, Amrita said that the victims would never get justice and impunity would flourish if the cases were being withdrawn on political basis. Amrita's huband, NC general convention member Umakant Hamal, 60, was killed after abduction from home by an unidentified group on May 22, 2009. She had filed a case against 16 locals and 10 UCPN-M cadres the next day.


Police had arrested Dhanrup Bud, Lokendra Sunar, Bhanubhakta Khattri, Mohanlal Chaulagain, Dali Bherikar, Purna Chandra Acharya, Janak Bherikar, Ashok Bud, Ram Bahakta Acharya, Sarparag Acharya, Ram Prasad Acharya, Adhiraj Acharya, Datt Tiruwa, Gopal Acharya and Baishage Sarki of Dhapa9 following her complaint. Among the arrestees, Dhanrup, Lokendra, Bhanubhakta, Mohanlal, Dali were remanded in the district prison while the other 10 persons were released in general date on June 24, 2009.


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