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Clash between Transportation Entrepreneurs and Police Leaves one Injured


Province 1, Khotang, Rupakot Majhuwagadhi

Khotang, Prahari yatayat bewasaye beech jadap, ek bewasaye gamvir ghaitey. Bhim Rai, 34, vice president of Khotang Transportation Enterprnuers Federation has been seriously injured on baton charge by the police in a clash between police and the officials of the federation at Diktel Bazar on June 19. The injured Rai has been rushed to the District Hospital of Diktel. The clash started after the dispute between Khotang Transportation and Mid-Hilly Region Transportation Committee. They have accused police of charging batons to the protestors. After the clash some of the officials were arrested by the police. Police denied charging batons to the protestors. Police Constable Teknath Paudel and Niraj Chaudhary were injured while trying to control the mob, said police. The police further said that the entrepreneurs were taken into control after they pelted bottles and stones at the police.


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