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Badi people launch campaign to end flesh trade l बादी समुदाय द्वारा अभियान।


Lumbini, Bardiya, Rajapur

Gulariya, Badi dwara abhiyaan. GULARIYA: People of Badi community at Rajapur in Bardiya district have launched a campaign to end flesh trade. They are involved in the campaign collectively by forming a club citing the whole society was defamed due to the flesh trade. The Badi youths have increased vigilance through the club after the community was defamed. Chairman of Deepjyoti Youth Club, Swotantra Badi, said that they themselves have launched campaign against prostitution by forming vigilance group in the settlement. There are 29 houses of Badi community at Rajapur. Badi women, who were involved in flesh trade for years, have now joined hands to end such profession from their community. A local Rajani Nepali said that they were ready to do any struggle to change their lost identity.


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