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Scarcity of Medicines at Health Center


org SMS ALert:Sankhuwasabha, Swastya kendra ma ausadi abhav. July 25, People of the district have been hit by the scarcity of the medicines at District Ayurvedic Health Center and subordinate Ayurvedic area health centers. The District Ayurved Health Center (DAHC) of Khandbari said that the scarcity is due to depleted old stock and delay in arrival of even the inventory of medicines in fiscal year 2013/14. A patient Ramji Tamang of Khandbari Municipality-3 said that at least 20 patients in a daily basis returned empty-handed due to the lack of medicine. The DAHC informed that saying that there were more than 500 people using Ayurved medicines. Tamang said due to the shortage, the patients were forced to buy medicines Dharan or Biratnagar. Acting DAHC chief Ayurved doctor Bhola Prasad Shah said that there was a scarcity of the medicines which were high in demand while there was stock of those medicines, less in demand adding a demand has been made to Department of Medicine for more. He also complained that due to the lack of enough space in the building- only four rooms, there is a difficulty in providing treatment to the patients. The DAHC said that postings were full but the Department had delayed the dispatch of medicines. There are Ayurved centers in Ankhibhui, Bala and Hedangna of Pathibhara. There is a flow of patients in those clinics; however, due to the lack of medicine, the proper service could not be provided, DAHC source added.


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