Incident Reports

A monthly report of INSEC on the incidents of human rights violations


Releasing the monthly analysis for the month of Kartik, 2078 BS (October 18-November 16, 2021), INSEC  stated that 231 people including 104 women and 127 men have been victimized in various incidents as per the news published on INSEC Online in the month. According to the published news, in the month of Kartik, there were 134 victims in Bagmati, 22 in Province 1, 21 in Lumbini, 20 in Province 2, 18 in Karnali, 14 in Gandaki and two in Far Western Province.

Police arrested 119 people, including 15 women."Police arrested the Nepal Bar activists during a demonstration in the Supreme Court premises demanding the resignation of the Chief Justice and during the Nepal Banda called by the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) led by Netra Bikram Chand (Biplava) on November 16," the analysis said.

Similarly, 13 people were injured during this period, one due to inhumane treatment, one due to misconduct, one due to caste discrimination and two due to bomb blast. One person has died in prison, while six wives have been killed by their husbands. Similarly, the news of the murder of a person after rape has been published in INSEC Online. It has been reported that 34 children and 47 women have been victims of child rights violations.

The analysis also states that 7.6 million 24 thousand 38 people have been fully vaccinated against covid by Kartik. In this month alone, 192,102 swabs were tested using the PCR method and 12,112 swabs were confirmed. Analyzing the data released by the Ministry of Health and Population, the covid infection has been confirmed in 6 per cent of the swabs tested.