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Suicide after domestic violence in Kavre kills 23 in three years


The District Police Office, Kavre has launched a special campaign to reduce domestic violence, suicide, child marriage, sexual offences and cybercrime. Chief of Police SP Bhupendra Khatri said that a special team has been mobilized for crime reduction and control. Suicides are on the rise after domestic violence.  23 people have committed suicide in the last three years, 11 people have committed suicide in the last fiscal year.

A team of Krishna Kumari Poudel Khatiwada, a member of the National Commission for Women, has taken information about the incidents in the district and the police investigation into them. After inspecting the issues related to women and children and senior citizens in the District Police Office, suggestions have been made. On behalf of the Police Office, Deputy Superintendent of Police Hari Khatiwada and Inspector of Police Sanchita Shrestha briefed about the incident and the situation. Special incidents related to crimes against women and children registered in the Kavre district include domestic violence, suicide, child marriage, sexual offences and cybercrime. The highest number of suicides has been reported by the police.

According to the WHO, Nepal ranks seventh in the world. Among them, women commit more suicide than men in Nepal. But in Kavre, more men than women have committed suicide. Nepal ranks third in terms of the number of women committing suicide. An average of 8,640 people commits suicide in Nepal every year. Depression is a major cause of suicide. According to the police, they are committing suicide due to painful marital life, domestic quarrels, failure in exams, divorce and failure in love, alcohol and drug addiction. In the Kavrepalanchok district, 374 people have committed suicide in the last three years including 102 in the fiscal year 2075-2076, 136 in 2076-2077 and 136 in 2077-2078. A total of 122 people have committed suicide by consuming poison while 252 people have committed suicide by hanging.

In the Kavrepalanchok district, 23 people have committed suicide due to domestic violence in the fiscal year 2075-2076, 7 in 2076-2077 and 11 in 2077-2078 over a period of three years. Most of the cases of domestic violence registered at the police office are settled amicably. Police have conducted a one-day training on crime and prevention against children with the members of the children's club and on the performance of Human Rights and Juvenile Correctional Institution with the representatives of the Women's Network.

The police have exchanged good wishes with the senior citizens for listening to their problems and grievances and resolving their problems. It has launched a campaign against sexual violence against women in public places and public transport. Police have addressed the problems and grievances of the detainees.

Number of suicides in the district

Fiscal YearConsuming poisonHangingTotal

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