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Five Injured as Dahal, Baidhya Supporters Clash


Five Injured as Dahal, Baidhya Supporters Clash

Dailekh / November 19

Five ANNISU-R activists close to the hardline faction led by UCPN-M vice-chairman Mohan Baidhya have been injured when ANNISU-R activists supporting the party establishment side attacked them on November 18.


The injured have been identified as Angat Shahi, Bini Kumar Shahi, Bishma Shahi, Lokendra Shahi and Updendra Bista. Condition of the injured is normal, UCPN-M district deputy secretary Krishna Dhamala said.


Issuing a press, the Baidhya faction said that the factor that wants division in the party had attacked the students. The faction has condemned the attack. 


The clash occurred in the course of nominating candidatures in the ongoing seventh district conference of ANNISU-R in the conference hall of the District Development Committee.


As agreement could not be forged between the two sides—one led by establishment faction and another led by Baidhya—both sides informed about formation of separate ANNISU-R district committee organizing separate press conferences on November 19.


ANNISU-R aligned to the establishment side said that 27 members of committee led by Gagan Bahadur Khadka has been formed while Bidhya faction informed about the formation of  33 member committee led by Dinesh BK. Both sides claimed that each committee faction as official one.


ANNISU-R General Secretary of the establishment side Bindaman Bista and secretary of Baidya faction Purna Bahadur Singh held separate meetings of the ANNISU-R students in the conference and formed separate district committees.


General Secretary Bista said, "As those students claiming themselves as supporters of Baidhya faction have acted against the statute passed by the 18th national conference of the ANNISU-R, action will be taken against them including Singh."

Yagyaraj Thapa


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