Incident Reports

13th Human Rights Magna Meet Concluded with 39 Point Declaration


Bagmati, Kathmandu, Kathmandu

The 13th National Human Rights Convention has concluded on November 12 by issuing a 39-point declaration. The week-long gathering, organized on the occasion of International Human Rights Day, was organized by the Collective Campaign for Peace (COCAP) and coordinated by 68 different organizations.

On the occasion, Urban Development Minister Ram Kumari Jhankri said that she would submit the suggestions from the Magna Meet to the Government of Nepal. Stating that human rights issues need to be addressed in a practical way, she pointed out the need for civic empowerment to guarantee rights. Stating that discrimination on the basis of caste, religion and gender still exists in society, he said that equal participation was necessary for every field for the upliftment of the backward communities.

Likewise, the special guest of the closing ceremony, National Human Rights Member Manoj Duwadi said that democracy should be institutionalized in a country where rule of law prevails. He stressed the need for civil society to be vigilant, watchful and share peacefully with the government for good work as all the organizations working in the field of human rights are the pillars of the Human Rights Commission. Duwadi also pointed out the need for a separate act for the greater development and protection of human rights activists.

Naren Khatiwada, the chairperson of Youth Advocacy Nepal and former coordinator of Magna Meet said that the issues of youth, women, Dalits and gender minorities have not been addressed yet due to the lack of responsibility of political parties. He said that the issues mentioned in the manifesto should be presented as civil rights issues to advance social issues.

Roshana Khadka, the chairperson of the main organizing committee of the Magna Meet said that the Magna Meet played an important role in making the government accountable for human rights and raising awareness among the general public in the field of human rights.Stating that human rights are a natural right and every person should raise his voice for its protection, he stressed the need for the government to focus on the promotion and protection of human rights of the marginalized along with civil and political rights.