Incident Reports

Incidents of rape and sexual abuse on the rise in Jumla ( A Report by INSEC)


Incidents of rape and sexual abuse are on the rise in Jumla. According to figures released by Informal Sector Service Center INSEC Jumla, there have been nine incidents of rape and sexual abuse this year. Last year, there were eight incidents, including three rapes and five sexual assaults. These incidents are mentioned in the Nepal Human Rights Year Book-2021. From January to December 2021, there have been nine incidents, including four rapes and five sexual assaults. According to INSEC data, seven accused have been jailed for the incidents, while two juvenile correctional facilities and one fugitive have been jailed. Similarly, 17 incidents including one related to caste discrimination, two related to polygamy, one related to death after torture, one related to abduction, one related to murder and two related to economic, social and cultural rights have been collected. Incidents related to education and right to food have also been collected, according to INSEC Jumla.

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