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Farmers stage demonstration in Kalaiya sub-metropolitan demanding to provide shed and compensations for the vegetables confiscated by police


Madhes, Bara, Kalaiya

Farmers staged a demonstration in the Kalaiya sub-metropolitan city of Bara demanding to provide shed and compensation for vegetables confiscated by police. The demonstrators alleged that due to the lack of shed to sell vegetables, the police confiscated their vegetables and instead of returning it on time, the vegetables were rather left to rot. The demonstrators speculate that more that Rs.1,00,000 has been loss due to the capturing of the vegetables. 

Details and Impacts
Violent / Non-violent Nonviolent
Primary Form Demonstration
Primary Cause Access/control of economic markets (syndicates, market relocation)
Actor 1 - Number of people n/a
Actor 1 - Affiliations Labor organization, trade unions and other organizations based on economic demands
Actor 1 - Youth na
Actor 2 - Number of people n/a
Actor 2 - Affiliation (Target) Government and civil servants at central level
Actor 2 - Youth na
National/Online Media


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