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Man Kills Wife, Absconds with Dead Body


Madhes, Sarlahi, Bishnu

Sarlahi, daaijoka karan patniko hatya gari shav sahit pati farar. Sarlahi/November 28 Amar Prasad Singh alias Ram Prabesh of Madhubangoth VDC-8 has gone out of contact with the dead body of his wife, Poonam Singh, 25. It is learnt that Ram Prabesh had been repeatedly physically assaulting her for not bringing a motorcycle and a box bed as dowries since their marriage on July 1, 2005. Poonam’s natal family says she was injured after being assaulted by the husband on November 10. She was taken to a private clinic in Majorgunj of India where she was declared dead. Poonam’s brother Ram Brisksha Mahato of Murtiya VDC-4 said that his father Ram Prasad was pushed off by Ram Prabesh to the road as they were travelling back home with the body of Poonam. He said that they immediately informed the police but could not locate Ram Prabesh nor Poonam’s body nor they registered their complaint. DSP Sudam Sijapati of Sarlahi police said that as all the family members of Ram Prabesh were also absconding, the police were trying to coordinate with their Indian counterparts to investigate the case. Deceased Poonam is survived by her three children including an 8-month-old boy. Santo


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