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Man gets 9-years of jail sentence for human trafficking in Lamjung


Gandaki, Lamjung, Besishahar

 The Appellate Court in Ilam has sentenced 28-year-old Birendra Deusali of Sulubung VDC-1 to 9-year in prison and 40 thousand rupees fine for selling a 21-year-old woman in Sikkim, India. A joint bench of Judges Madhav Prasad Pokhrel and Pramod Kumar Baidhya on April 20 issued the verdict according to the Human Trafficking and Transportation Control Act, said Shrestedar Phadindra Bhattarai of the court.

Likewise, the same bench also upheld the district court Ilam's decision of a 6-year sentence to 25-year-old  Krishna Bal Deusali Rai of Sulubung VDC-7 for raping an 18-year-old girl on September 7, 2014.