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Youths Accused of Rape Attempt Released after Paying Fine


Karnali, Humla, Simkot

Youths Accused of Rape Attempt Released after Paying Fine

Humla/December 6

Two youths who were arrested on charge of trying to rape two women have been released after paying fine and treatment cost.


Raju Bhandari, 25, and Prakash Bhandari, 23, of Thehe2 in inebriated condition had attempted to rape Sushila Nepali, 25, and her sister-in-law Aastha Nepali, 23, of Kharpanath8 on December 4.


The two accused were released on December 5 as per the rules of the local village.


Inspector Khadak Bhandari said that they did not take the case forward as the victims requested to make compromise with the accused. Bhandari said that police released the accused after they provided Rs 25,000 to the victims since they had filed a complaint of losing property worth the amount in the incident.

However, one of the victim Sushila said that they made the compromise following pressure from the villagers. The accused were released after they provided the amount and treatment cost at the police office.

Ramesh Aidi


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