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Killers of Sete Damai Sentenced


Dailekh/June 13

The District Court Dailekh on June 12 has slapped jail terms for the accused convicting them in the killing of Sete Damai.


Damai, a resident of Dhanigaon in Toli2 was killed by the villagers after his son got into inter-caste marriage to a so-called upper class girl.


The bench of district judge Ram Krishna Bhatta decided a 20-year-prison term for Bindakala Shahi, Jeevan Shahi and Krishna Bahadur Khatri while Tul Bahadur Chanda, Madan Shahi and Ganesh Singh were to prison for five years. Identifying other accused, Subash KC and Dilli Prasad as being minors, were given 10 years in prison while Prem Bahadur Shahi was sentenced to five years in prison but his sentence was halved citing him also as being a minor.


Santa Bahadur Damai, the son of the deceased, had got married to Raj Kumari Shahi of the same place. Angry at the couple's decision, the girl's relatives attacked Sete with a sharp weapon on August 30, 2011. Sete died the next day while being taken to Surkhet for treatment.


Santa Bahadur filed a complaint at the District Court, Dailekh under the charges of intentional homicide and caste-based discrimination.


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