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Ensure Security of Raute Community: INSEC


Karnali, Salyan, Kapurkot

Kathmandu / June 18

Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) has demanded government ensure security of people of Raute community who are displaced to Dang from Salyan district.


"We are concerned over the news of chasing away of Raute families from Pakhapani Community Forest of Dhanbang6 in Salyan district and their displacement to Dang," said a press release issued by INSEC Chairperson Subodh Raj Pyakurel on June 18.


Some local youths chased away Rautes alleging that the latter destroyed and littered the forest. Rautes were forced to leave the forest after the youths seized their utensils and destructed their huts recently.


"Historically, Rautes are the genuine indigenous people of the country and it has been known to all that they do not like to change their lifestyle. We remind that it's the government duty to create an atmosphere for protecting the identity of such community as Nepal is a state party to ILO Convention No 169," the release said. 


Referring to Article 14 and 6 of ILO Convention No 169 regarding safeguarding the rights of indigenous peoples, INSEC said that the government has not taken any step to protect that rights of nomadic peoples like Raute.


"We urge the local administration to provide security and relief to the victims and to initiate necessary process to take action against those involved in the incident," the release said, "We also urge the government to create an atmosphere to protect traditional lifestyles of such indigenous community."


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