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Family Negligence Results in Tragedy


Bajura/May 18

Durga Lohar, 25, of Lamalwada in Pandusain-8 has died on May 18 due to excessive bleeding during the labor.


Lohar, who began having labor pain on May 17 afternoon and gave birth the next morning. A local Tek Bahadur Singh informed that she was profusing bleeding but died in the house though the Pandusain Health Center, capable of providing safe delivery, is nearby her home was at a few minutes distance from her house. Besides the new born baby, Lohar left behind two sons and two daughters.


Singh said that had she been taken to the Centre on time, she could have been saved adding the locals are not conscious enough to reach for the health workers in such crucial sitaution which many a times results in family loss.


District Hospital informed that three women have lost their lives since April 13 in pre or post- natal stage.


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