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Woman Thrown Out of House


Panchthar/July 8

Samjhana Bishwakarma, 22, of Ranitar6 has filed a complaint at the District Police Office on July 8 accusing her mother-in-law Bishnumaya Dhamala, 41, of throwing her out.


Bishwakarma said that soon after her husband Gautam Dhamala, 22, went abroad for work some months ago, Bishnumaya was torturing her. “She always accused me of entrapping her son and threatened to make Gautam marry another woman”.


She had got married to Gautam on November 21, 2011. She is currently seven-month pregnant.


Following continuous mistreatment by Bishnumaya, the police, on April 18, had made her to sign an agreement that she would be providing Rs 1,000, 20 kg of rice and three rooms in her house for Bishwakarma.


Confirming abuse faced by Bishwakarma, a neighbor Nima Sherpa said that Bishnumaya had not provided anything as promised earlier to the police and on July 7, she even broke in her room and threw away her belongings.


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