Incident Reports

Two Boys Tortured On Charged of Stealing


Gandaki, Tanahun, Byas

Tanahun/July 9

Twelve-year-old Manoj Pariyar and Raju Pariyar of Klesti in Kyamin1 have been seriously beaten by local Shiv Pradhan and Junlal Pradhan on July 8 evening.


Their hands and legs were tied and beaten on charge of stealing rice from Junlal’s rice mill, witness and journalist Raju Shrestha informed. He said that when he tried to stop the Pradhans from tying the boys, he was threatened. The boys were untied only after Shrestha called the police to inform about the incident.


Manoj said that he was forced to steal a kg of rice because he was starving. He added that as his parents are out of home for work and there was nothing to eat at home. Pradhan said that they had stolen nearly 10 kgs of rice.


The injured boys were taken to Damauli Hospital for treatment by the police on July 9 after initiation by INSEC district representative Prakash Bhattarai and the witness journalist Shrestha.


DSP Gautamraj Kattel promised Bhattarai and Shrestha that action would be taken against the offenders.