Incident Reports

Journalist Attacked by Unidentified Group


Dailekh/August 12

An unidentified group has attacked local media person Ganesh Rokaya with a khukuri at around 9 pm on August 10. He has sustained deep cut in the head.


Also the chief of Progressive Journalists Association, Rokaya was attacked as he was returning home after a meeting with a rape victim who was undergoing treatment at the District Hospital, Chakra KC, the manager of Dhrubatara FM informed.


Rokaya is working as Dhrubatara Community FM’s director and assistant editor of local Sajha Praatibimbha weekly. He has filed an FIR at the Dailekh District Police Office on August 11 asking for identification of and legal action against the attackers.


Meanwhile, DSP Sudarshan Thapa informed that the police had already mobilized a police team to search for the attackers.