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Chand led Maoist anounces formation of Parallel government in Bajhang and Lamjung


Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist led by Netra Bikram Chand (Biplav) has announced the formation of People’s Government, parallel government, like that of the conflict era in Bajhang and Lamjung districts on 24 and 23 January respectively. A 17-member District people’s council has been formed under the leadership of Chandra Bahadur Singh. In Lamjung, nine-member District People’s council is led by Bil Bahadur Gurung and 19 member district people’s representative assembly is led by Narayan Kunwar. According to the party, the names of other members have been kept secret to carry out underground activities. They also announced that, the party will take action against brokers, hooliganism and corruption.
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