Incident Reports

Man Tortured in Custody, Seeks INSEC's Help


Surkhet/December 10

Sewak Sunar, 17, of Lode in Maintada7 has claimed that the police were constantly torturing him on charge of being involved in November 20 theft of jewelry from New Bheri Jewelry Shop, located at Jaharebazar in Maintada3.


Sunar approached INSEC on December 9 asking for help after he was asked to report to the Area Police Office in Chhinchhu on December 13.


According to him, ASI Keshar Bharati of Mehelkuna police station and two policemen of APO , Chhinchhu beat him up respectively on November 25 and December 8. He said at the police station, he was beaten on the soles of feet with baton.


When contacted by INSEC, SP Govindaram Pariyar said action would be taken against the policemen involved in beating if the claim was found true and added there would be no torture against Sunar and the charge would be investigation in fair manner.