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Combatants Claim of Embezzlement of Over 100m


Surkhet/September 8

The combatants of the Dasharathpur Camp have demanded the auditing of over Rs 100m provided by the government for the Camp.


They made the demand after it was known that the Camp was receiving salaries and allowances for those not in Camp.


Before, re-categorization of the combatants, the Camp commanders were taking lump sum of the salaries and allowances. During the re-categorization process, it was learned that there were 472 fighters living out of the Camp and that for three years, the Commanders were taking the salaries of those absent fighters.


Former Division Deputy Commander Durga Prasad Chaudhary said Rs 50m was collected from those retiring combatants and the money was to be distributed to those being out of the camp. He also added that Rs 150,000 from each of 333 combatants who fled the camp before re-categorization.


Chaudhary further said that the fled fighters were shown as present in the camp and some percentage of the fined amount was deducted from the salaries. He said that they were preparing to investigate the charge of corruption.


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