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Court Refuses to Register Divorce Case


Karnali, Humla, Sarkegad

Humla/September 19

A woman has complained that the District Court in Humla refused to register a divorce course despite her efforts since three days.

Sarita Nepali, 20, of Jair5 said that though she tried to register a divorce case with her husband Jwari Nepali, 25, of Libro in Fotu3 of Mugu at the district court, the case was not filed [as of] September 19.

According to the woman, her husband beat her often after consuming alcohol. She got married with Jwari three years ago. She said that her husband ran away to India two years ago after beating her and he returned home on September 5 this year. She accused that he assaulted her and raped her at knifepoint on September 11 while she was sleeping.

The victim said that she had ran away from Simikot after the incident and was compelled to beg for food due to lack of money.

Acting shrestedar at the district court Dan Bahadur Rawat said that the case would be registered in case efforts to settle the dispute between the couple failed.

The Nepali law on filing divorce has provided that a woman seeking divorce can directly file for the case in the court whereas a man seeking divorce can file the case at the court only a year later after he files the case at VDC or municipality office.


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