Incident Reports

Pinnacle of untouchability: A hotel where one needs to bring their own plate


Madhes, Parsa, Birgunj

Rajesh Raut, a youth belonging to that community said that they have been accepting this system of untouchability since long. However, it gets really embarrassing when guests visit their home. They still don't know why are they being treated like this. When asked to one of the hotel owners, he said, 'We don't want to lose our 70 customers because of 5-7 people from Doom community'. Hotel owners prohibit them from entering the hotel. Madan Raut of the same community said that even though they have complained about untouchability to the police, they haven't taken any action to tackle this issue whatsoever. Not only in hotels, but this problem is also prevalent even in schools. In Nepal National Primary School, there are around 25-30 children from the Doom community and they are taught separately. However, Chief District Officer of Parsa Mr. Durga Dutta Paudel clarified that there hasn't been any complaint about this issue. He also assured that the one involved in this will be under the radar of the law.