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Three boys go missing


Sudurpashchim, Kanchanpur, Shuklaphanta

Kanchanpur, 3 balak 5 din dheki bepattaa. Three local children have gone missing at Amarpur, Jhalari-9 of Kanchanpur district since the last five days. They are 13-year-old Keshav Bista, Nabin Bista (13) and Bhuwan Bhatta (14), all seventh graders at the Jhalari Educational Academy. The three boys went missing after returning home from school on November 30 and they have not come into contact of any family member or their relatives. They could not be found in course of searching for them at in Jhalari, Mahendranagar and Banbasa Bazaar in nearby India, said Nirmaladevi Bhatta, the mother of one of the missing boy. The police have also started searching for the missing boys but have not been able to track them so far, said the Ilaka Police Office, Jhalari.


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