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Explosion Victims Receive Support


Siraha, Bomb bisphotma ghaitee bhayeka balbalika lai aarthik sahayog pradhan. Siraha/December 16, Explosion victims have received support in the presence of rights activists, media personnel in Phulkumari Higher Secondary School on December 15. Those receiving support are Kiran Kumari Mukhiya, 13, Sujita Mukhiya, Shrawan Mukhiya, 9, and Santosh Mukhiya, 6. They all belong to the same family. According to Rambharosi Mahato, Siraha reporter of Nepalionline khabar, 10 thousand rupees was provided to the children as part of the support announced by Nepali couple Anil Pandey and Renu Pandey living in California, America. The couple announced to support the studies of the children till grade 10. Mahato said that the couple offered support after reading the news of their father's death in explosion and they being left out of school due to lack of funds. Three children were hurt in an explosion when they played with an abandoned bomb on June 5, 2013. Injured Sarbajit Mukhiya, 13 succumbed to injuries three days later while Kiran Mukhiya and Santosh Mukhiya returned home after treatment.


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