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Dalits Thrashed for Touching Public Well


Madhes, Siraha, Golbazar

Siraha,inaar choyeko aropma dalitharu mathi kutpit. Dalits of Chandroudaypur VDC-6 have been physically assaulted by non-dalits on February 25 on charge of touching the public well. A debate ensued as the non-dalits demanded priority in using the well when the dalits were demanding a chance to use it along with them. Following the scuffle, the non-dalits including locals Bijay Lama, Ashok Magar, Arun Lama, Bhushan Lama, Purni Lama, Sane Lama, Shraddha Lama and Ajay Lama along with others had beaten the villagers going door to door, one of the victims, Sumari Devi Saday informed. She added that they were abused in similar manner in the past too. Over 10 dalits people have been injured in the incident including Sumari Devi, Panchi Devi, 35, Sona Devi, 34, Ghopa Sada and Sanjil Sada, 18, have been injured in the incident. The attackers had used domestic weapon batons and stone in the attack. Area Police Office, Mirchaiya was informed of the incident on the same day. Inspector Naresh Raj Subedi of the APO said that they were investigating the case. Meanwhile, the Human Rights Centre Network has issued a statement on February 26 condemning the incident. Drawing attention to the trend of State acting as mediator rather than taking action against the perpetrators, the human rights activists claimed that such mediation was contributing to repetition of such incidents.


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