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Police Rescues a Rape Victim, Three Arrested


Province 1, Khotang, Kepilasagadhi

Khotang,blitkrit mahilako praharidwara uddhar, ghatnama sanglagn aropit giraftaar. Khotang/ March 27 Police have rescued a rape victim on March 26 from a place where she was kept hidden. A 40-year-old woman, being kept at Bakshila VDC-8 by Sandesh Rai, 18, of Sapteswor VDC-8 after rape on March 10, was rescued by police. It has been revealed that the woman was hidden so as to settle the case on monetary basis, police said. The woman was rescued by police after getting the information that she was kept hidden in captivity. She was held while was on the way to district headquarter to lodge a complaint about the rape, according to SI Dan Bahadur Chauhan of area police office. The woman was hidden in order to conceal the incident, said police. The victim woman received medical checkup at Diktel, said DSP Govinda Kumar Shah. Meanwhile, Naresh Rai, 50, Khagendra Rai, 31 and Chandra Kala Rai, 30, of Sapteshwor VDC-8 has been arrested by the police on March 26 from Bakshila. One of the accused Sandesh Rai has been arrested on charge of taking the victim hostage, said police. The accused was previously released by the police without any investigation on March 20. Sandesh has been arrested by police from Pathari bazaar in Morang on March 27. DSP Govind Kumar Shah said that the accused would be brought to Khotang by March 28. Legal process was again initiated by the police following pressure by the human rights organizations. The complaint was lodged at area police office of Bakshila on March 13. The accused was arrested on March 13.


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