Incident Reports

Raped by Father, Stigmatized by Grandfather


Khotang,Balitkrit balika laai hajurbubale ghar basna diyenan. Khotang/March 29 A 14-year-old girl, raped by her father, has been facing problems despite her valiant efforts to move ahead. The girl remained at the Women and Children Rehabilitation Centre 37 days for recuperation following the incident. After that, she was sent to her village where she is facing mental torture from her own. Women and Children Centre Khotang's Women Development Officer Samiksha Niraula said that the girl was being mistreated by her grandfather and some villagers. SI Dan Bahadur Chuhan of Baxila Area Police Office said that it was the grandfather who had first reported her case at the police station. The girl was sent home with her aunt and a distant female relative on March 22. But, upon reaching home, the grandfather and other villagers mistreated her and refused to let her go inside the home. Child Rights Officer of District Children Welfare Committee, Khotang informed that she has been warned of being ostracized. Following similar warning, an all-party meeting had committed to help her if she faced problems in village. The girl, who was staying with her maternal uncle in Solukhumbu, was raped when she came home for a visit February 12. The accused father remains in prison on remand since March 11.