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Woman Stabbed to Death by Husband


Province 1, Ilam, Mangsebung

Morang, khukuri prahar gari patni ko hatya. Morang/March 29 Pushpa Limbu, 32, of Banjho VDC-8 has been stabbed to death by her husband Kumar Limbu, 28, on March 28 night. The incident occurred in the house of Dipendra Khadka of Tandi VDC-1 where they were staying as the guests. Pushpa was attacked with a khukuri by Kumar after which he also tried to commit suicide with the same khukuri. She died while being taken to BPKIHS, Dharan while the husband died while undergoing treatment at the same hospital. DSP Deepak Pokharel said that the police were investigating the case.


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