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One Arrested for Assaulting Woman on Witchcraft Allegation


Lumbini, Kapilvastu, Kapilbastu

Kapilvastu,boksiko aropma kutpitma sanglangn punah:giraftaar. Kapilvastu/April 1 Area Police Office Pipara has re-arrested Prachanda Tharu of Niglihawa VDC-1 on March 31. Tharu, who was arrested earlier for assault of a woman on witchcraft allegation, was released by the police following a settlement. He was arrested again after the news regarding police settling a criminal case was published in human rights news portal and various other media. Tharu was charged of beating and injuring Gyanmati Tharu, 50, and her family of Niglihawa VDC-1 alleging them of practicing witchcraft on March 9. Police had arrested Tharu on March 10 and released him later on March 11 after settling the case. The incident became public after a team, including INSEC representative told the media following a fact finding on the incident.


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