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Judgements in seven cases order issuance of citizenship in the name of the mother


Controversy and debate over granting citizenship in the mother's name have been going on for a long time. The Supreme Court has also ruled in dozens of cases. But in practice, it is still not easy to get citizenship in the mother's name. Even now you have to go to court to get citizenship in the name of your mother. Although the federal law on citizenship passed by the State Management Committee of the House of Representatives has been registered in the parliament, it has not been passed for a long time. Now that there is an ongoing issue of the House of Representatives, the bill is unlikely to become law immediately.

Part 2 of the constitution contains provisions related to citizenship. Article 10 of the constitution states that no Nepali citizen is deprived of the right to acquire citizenship. Similarly, Article 12 of the Constitution states that a person who acquires the citizenship of Nepal on the basis of descent can obtain citizenship in the name of his / her mother or father with sexual identity. Currently, the active laws for citizenship include the Nepal Citizenship Act 2007 and the Nepal Citizenship Rules 2007

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