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Discrimination against Dalits in Doti


The Dalit community has complained that despite the government's declaration of an untouchability-free country, it has not been implemented in practice. Bir Bahadur Sarki of Sayal Rural Municipality-1 of Doti says that ethnic untouchability is still practised against the Dalit community. He said that if you eat tea in a tea shop, you have to wash the glass. "Ethnic untouchability has been declared over, but we are still being untouchable in public places," he said.

Adding on Bir Bahadur's statement, local Jamuna Devi mistakenly said, "The law says untouchability is over, but it is for us." She also said that Dalits have been deprived of opportunities. She adds, "A group in the village has a Dalit representative only to show in the organization, but the role is nothing."

Local Balbir says that village councils and other stakeholders should take effective steps to end ethnic untouchability. "Even Dalit community leaders are untouchable in public places," says Balbir. " Every ward should be declared untouchability-free by conducting awareness programs on ethnic untouchability." She complains that non-Dalits do not even allow her to work for wages.

Rural Municipality Vice-Chairperson Bishna Singh said that the municipality will run a campaign to reduce ethnic untouchability. She said that programs would be launched to develop the skills and abilities of Dalit women as they were still lagging behind.

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