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An article on custodial deaths in Province 2


After the death of Paltu Ravidas in police custody, there are daily protests against Dhanusha police. Dalit leaders and various organizations have started an agitation demanding an investigation into the incident, stern action against the culprits and compensation.

The family of 40-year-old Paltu of Laxminiya Rural Municipality-2, who was found hanging in the toilet inside the custody of the District Police Office, Dhanusha on July 30 at 4 am, has not yet agreed to take his body. Despite police claiming that Paltu committed suicide due to financial constraints and fear of being imprisoned, his family and Dalit leaders and organizations have been protesting accusing his death of murder.

They have warned that if their demands are not addressed, the agitation will intensify across the state. Police, however, are claiming that Paltu committed suicide. A committee has been formed to investigate. It is difficult for the victim to believe the claim of the police as Paltu is not the first person to lose his life in the police custody of State-2. Three youths from his community have lost their lives in various police custody in Province 2 in a year. 

24-year-old Shambhu Sada of Sabaila Municipality-12 of Dhanusha was found hanging in the toilet of the Sada Musahar Area Police Office on June 10, 2020. Even then, there were protests against the police and the government in different parts of the province, including Dhanusha, for a week. It has been alleged in the complaint that the person under police surveillance could not commit suicide. The case is currently pending in the Dhanusha District Court.

19-year-old Bijay Ram of Garuda Municipality-8, who was in the custody of Garuda Area Police Office, Rautahat, on the charge of murder, died on August 26, 2020, while undergoing treatment. Demonstrations took place in different parts of the country, including Rautahat, for a few days, claiming that he had been tortured in custody to admit his guilt. After a high-level investigation committee found that Ram had been tortured in custody, Area Police Chief DSP Gyan Kumar Mahato was shifted to Janakpur State Police Office, while Inspector Navin Singh and Constables Heroes Mian Dhunia and Matru Kumar Singh were suspended.

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