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Dalits still forced to practice "Lagi Partha"


The tradition of Humla, which has been going on for generations, remains the same till the 21st century. Even though the federal republican system of governance has been implemented in the country, the Dalit communities are forced to practice " Lagi Partha". This is the custom where the Dalits work all day for the Chhetris, Brahmins and Thakuris and in return get some food. 

Dalit communities are convinced to enjoy the practice as they do not have land. "During the survey, Thakuri Brahmin and Chhetri took a piece of land and gave us some parts of the forest," said Jivit Kami. According to local Jas Bahadur Pariya, the practice is still going on in most of the villages in Humla.

According to the local Dalit community, even though the level of awareness at the grassroots level has increased, there is a tendency to suppress the backward community due to the financial crisis. According to Parbat Sunar, a Dalit leader, there is still a tendency to keep the haliya in place. He said that even after declaring Haliya free, the Dalit community here was forced to follow the practice as there was no other way to feed them.

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