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Rautahat police frame a journalist into a drug smuggling case, to face suspension - OnlineKhabar English News


The Province 2 Police Office is preparing to suspend two police personnel in the Rautahat district after they have been found to have framed an innocent journalist into a drug smuggling case by purposefully hiding nitravet, a contraband drug, in his motorbike. The investigation revealed the policemen kept the drug in Mojubullah’s bike when he had gone into a nearby restaurant parking his two-wheeler outside. However, an investigator says the policemen are not the only persons to blame for the incident. Further investigation is underway.


Questions have been raised about the police administration in Rautahat after it was revealed that police had indeed hidden illegal drugs in the motorbike of two journalists, who were then arrested in Gaur, Rautahat, a few days ago.

Last Monday, the owner of Rautahat Express and journalist Mohammad Mojibullah and his colleague Shekh Gulab of Rajpur Municipality were arrested with 105 of nitravet tablets by mobile police in civvies when the journalists' duo was coming out of a hotel in Ward 1 of Gaur Municipality at about 8:00 pm.

The fraud came to light after the Federation of Nepali Journalists Rautahat chapter in the course of its investigation found revealing CCTV footage. The footage showed two locals Dhiraj Yadav and Jitesh Yadav planting some drugs in the journalists' bike where it was parked.

Further investigation showed that the two had planted the drugs in the bike on the instruction of Assistant Sub-inspector Udaya Shankar Yadav and Constable Manoj Sah.

A statement issued by the FNJ chapter and signed by FNJ central member Shiva Bahadur Puri, chapter Chairperson Premchandra Jha, Secretary Madan Thakur, Vice-chair Prabin Kumar Sharma and Adviser Sanjaya Karki, said the police's dirty design to arrest journalists had raised serious questions about the police action.

FNJ has also sought immediate release of the journalists wrongfully charged of drug peddling and demanded that the police personnel involved in the dirty plot be made public. The organisation has warned of a phase-wise agitation if this demand is not met.

Rautahat Police Spokesperson DSP Narayan Prasad Chimariya said the investigation was underway. "The CCTV footage has shown that the journos were framed. But as our investigation is on, we will disclose our findings soon," he said. According to sources, the policemen involved in the shenanigan have been recalled to the Province Police Office in Janakpur. The locals who had planted the drugs have been detained.

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Violent / Non-violent Nonviolent
Primary Form Threat/intimidation
Primary Cause Other non-economic personal issues (revenge, passion etc.)
Secondary Cause Freedom of Expression
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Actor 2 - Number of people 1
Actor 2 - Affiliation (Target) Journalist/Media
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