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Administration reluctant to provide the citizenship on the name of Mother in Doti


Sudurpashchim, Doti, Sayal, Ward 1

Administration in Doti district is reluctant to provide the citizenship under the name of mother, even though there is the provision mention in Citizenship Certificate Distribution Procedure Guideline, 2063. According to the guideline, in order to obtain Nepali citizenship certificate on the basis of descent, according to statement 3 of paragraph 2 of the Citizenship Certificate Distribution the father or mother's certificate of Nepali citizenship, recommendation or birth certificate made by the concerned local level and citizenship certificate of the relative within three generations. Likewise, in the case of a married woman, 4 (5) of the guideline stipulates that marriage registration certificate, citizenship certificate of husband or father-in-law, identity of any of the husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law or brother-in-law and copy of citizenship of mother, father, brother or siblings. According to the District administrative officer, Kiran Joshi, they have made it mandatory for the citizenship of father to make the citizenship and if not then they have to present the evidence from ward that the father do not have any citizenship. According to Dil Kumar Tamang, Information Officer at the Ministry of Home Affair, the Citizenship Act, Rules and Directive 2063 BS are still in force.  These kinds of provisions have made the locals really frustrated to get the citizenship.


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