Incident Reports

A team of CPN Youth Association (Biplav) smeared black soot on the head of Education Development and Coordination Unit in Kalikot


Mahesh Dutta Devkota, a 48-year-old head of Education Development and Coordination Unit, Kalikot was assaulted by a team led by Mahesh BK, chairperson of CPN youth association led by Biplav. According to Devkota, the accused smeared black soot in his face accusing him of corruption, took the decision arbitrarily in his favour.

According to Manilal AD, the district secretary of the CPN youth organization led by Biplav, Devkota was warned time and again of his wrongdoings, but he refused to change his attitude so they had to take the action. According to the police, Devkota filed a complaint against the cadres of the Biplav on December 15, claiming that they assaulted him because he was unable to pay more than Rs.4,00,000 as per their demand. 

Leaders of the official trade union, Nepal Civil Servants Union, Nepal Civil Servants Union, Nepal National Employees Union and local employees' union have issued a joint statement demanding immediate legal action against the accused who assaulted Devkota. 

Details and Impacts
Violent / Non-violent Nonviolent
Onesided / Twosided Onesided
Collective / Interpersonal Interpersonal
Primary Form Public humiliation
Weapons None
Primary Cause Other political issues
Actor 1 - Number of people n/a
Actor 1 - Affiliations CPN (Chand) and affiliated org
Actor 1 - Youth unknown
Actor 2 - Number of people 1
Actor 2 - Affiliation (Target) Local authorities (incl VDC, district, gov. line agencies at local level except education and health)
Actor 2 - Youth noyouth