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Amended Bill on Alleged Witchcraft to be Tabled


Bagmati, Kathmandu, Kathmandu

Kathmandu,boksisambandhi vidheyak sanshodhan sahit pesh hune. Kathmandu/September 22 The Witchcraft (Crime and Punishment) bill is going to be tabled in the legislature-parliament after amendment. Chairperson of Women, Children, Senior Citizen Welfare and Social Welfare Committee of the parliament Ranju Jha told media persons that discussions were being held to amend the bill as the word witch is itself imaginary. Inhuman acts like cutting hair of women haphazardly, inflicting physical pain on women and ostracizing them on charge of being witch take place regularly. The bill was tabled in the legislature-parliament to control inhuman acts against women being carried out on charges of practicing witchcraft. The bill was sent to the statute committee following extensive discussions in legislature-parliament. A report on the recommendations regarding the bill prepared by organizations Women Act and Samudayik Sarathi was handed over to Chairperson Jha amid a function in Kathmandu on September 22. Speaking at the program, Jha said that an agreement had been reached to amend the name of the bill as Charged Witchcraft (Crime and Punishment) Bill.


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