Incident Reports

Four-Day School Week for Dalit Children


Humla,satama chaardin matra vidhyalaya jaanchan dalit baalbaalika. Humla/ November 13 Lack of study materials and a compulsion to work in the houses of ‘upper caste’ people force the Dalit children of Sarkideu VDC to attend school only four days a week. We have to go their houses to work because we don’t have food to eat, Birjit Pariyar, a student of Kot Primary School, Sarkideu said. A fifth grader, Dhana Maya Pariyar complained that they face discrimination and do not have sufficient materials to support their study. Another student Iku Maya Tamang said that they are compelled to work for upper caste people so as to earn some money to buy the text and exercise books. A teacher of the school, Nawaraj Fadera said that there is a low rate of attendance of dalit students because of lack in education, poverty and old tradition. Su