Incident Reports

Rights Activist Demands Security


Saptari/ October 17

Legal Practitioner and rights activist Dharmendra Prasad Yadab has filed a complaint against advocate Surendra Prasad Yadab, who is also the president of Human Right and Community Development Institute (HUCODON), at the District Administration Office on October 15.

Demanding action against Surendra, Dharmendra filed a complaint against him at district administration office saying that he could be a threat to his life and property. Dharmendra has also provided the copy of the complaint to INSEC and media.  

Dharmendra stated in his complaint that Surendra Yadav, on October 8, warned to cause harm to his family and the organization and drag him into a fake charge if working committee in Human Rights and People's Advocacy Centre (HUPEC) was not formed according to the latter's choice and the Sushil Kumar Yadab was not saved from the motorcycle arson case.

Dharmendra Prasad Yadab filed a lawsuit against Sushil Kumar Yadav at District police office on May 21 accusing him of setting fire to his motorbike. The accused was arrested on October 4 and since then he has been getting threats from Surendra Yadab to withdraw the case or release him on bail, according to the complaint.