Incident Reports

UCPN-M Cadre Thrashed by Tarun Dal


Darchula, Tarun dal la karyakarta dwara UCPN-M karyakarta kutiye. Darchula/November 5 NC cadres have beaten up UCPN-M cadre in Tapoban on November 4 night. According to witnesses, a group led by NC-affiliated Tarun Dal Chairperson Umesh Singh Khattri beat up UCPN-M cadre Dipendra Singh Bista. Latinath police said that the groups clashed during their election campaigns. Khattri said that Bista was beaten up after he told the NC cadres that they could not campaign in UCPN-M base. Meanwhile, Bista said that he was attacked for being involved in UCPN-M election campaign. He has filed a complaint against Khattri and others at the Area Police Office, Latinath on November 5. Police said that Khattri had not come in contact though he was summoned regarding the clash.