Incident Reports

Conflict victims’ body refutes claims against charter


The Conflict Victims’ Common Platform has said attempts have been made to create rumours against its charter made public last month and mislead the people.

The umbrella body of the victims from decade-long Maoist insurgency claimed spreading rumours would only weaken the movement of the victims and benefit the perpetrators.

The platform made the remarks in a statement on Monday after a section of the human rights activists and conflict victims stood against a provision in the charter which envisions forming a credible mechanism to facilitate the ongoing transitional justice process.

The dissident group has been saying that the formation of such mechanism is a conspiracy to hand over the transitional justice process at the hands of perpetrators.

The leaders from the umbrella body, however, said the blame is baseless claiming that they had always stood for the victim-centric process.

“The charter firmly stands in the present belief and past demands of conflict victims and human rights community that the transitional justice process must be human rights-friendly and credible,” the platform said in the statement. “We urge all members of CVCP to ignore the rumours and provide strength to our unity. We also appeal to the human rights community for the continuous support.”