Incident Reports

CPN-M Detonates Bomb, Set Fire to Dozer


Province 1, Terhathum, Aathrai

Tehrathum, CPN-M dwara bomb bispotan ra dozerma aagjani. Tehrathum/November 18, CPN-M has detonated a pressure cooker bomb at Choti market of Khamlalung VDC on November 18 at around 11 pm. Similarly, a parked dozer was set on fire at the same time in Pushpa Lal Mid-hill Highway of Sankrati VDC-9. The dozer has been damaged in the arson. An eye witness said that a team led by Ram Krishna Rijal with four other people had borrowed the kerosene from one of the local home and set fire to the dozer. The group had chanted slogan "Lets boycott the election" while setting fire to the vehicle. The local people said that the pressure cooker bomb detonated at the same time did not cause any harm.