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Vote Counting Will Go On: EC Chief


Lalitpur, Chaalu nirbachan Prakriyalai purnata dine pramukh aauktako bhanai. Lalitpur/November 21, Chief Election Commissioner Nil Kantha Upreti has said there were no plans to stop the vote counting. The Election Commission (EC) has turned down the request of UCPN-Maoist to halt the counting of votes in election constituencies across the country. Speaking a press conference at his office in EC on November 21 morning, Chief Election Commissioner Upreti said that the vote counting of the CA election 2013 will not stop and that it will continue until all ballots are accounted for. The EC organized the press conference soon after the UCPN-M demand that the vote counting in election constituencies be halted as there was “conspiracy against people’s aspiration in the CA election”. Holding a press conference in Sinduplachok on November 21 night, the UCPN-M had claimed that there has been a conspiracy in the CA election and that the counting must stop. The party's spokesperson Agni Sapkota said that the result did not reflect the people’s aspirations. Upreti stated that the vote counting is underway across the country under the existing Constituent Assembly laws. He said it is taking place in a transparent manner and urged all the political parties to respect the people’s mandate and wait for the final results. Representatives of the party have withdrawn from the counting stations in several districts. Ramesh


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