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Temple Mgmt Committee Denies Wedding Services to Inter-Caste Couple


Gandaki, Kaski, Pokhara Lekhnath

Kaski, dalit bhayekai karan mandirma vivah garn avarodh gareko davi. Kaski/ February 28 Pravin Bohora, 21, of Pokhra Municipality and Sanam Ruchel, 19, of Shivalaya VDC of Parbat District have claimed that they were barred from entry the Puskareshwor Temple where they had planned to solemnize their marriage. Speaking at a press conference on February 27, they said that the priest and management committee of the Temple refused they service because it was going to be an inter-caste marriage. Bohora that he and his fiancée were obstructed to enter into Masbar-based Temple when by the priest and Temple management committee when they went to the temple with the marriage procession. He claimed that he was denied entry after coming to know that the bride was a dalit. Pitamber Baral, chairperson of the temple management committee denied any wrongdoing. He claimed that committee simply urged them to come later as they were busy carrying out other Rudri puja in the temple. The police said that they had not received any complaint regarding the incident.


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